Services & areas of expertise

Our lawyers are strategically divided into various practice groups in order to make the most of their skills and experience. We continue to provide and offer the best value in our services in response to the long-standing trust of our clients.

Banking & Finance

We offer a spectrum of banking and financial legal services ranging from retail banking/end-financing documentation to complex commercial loan documentation. We understand the need to achieve a balance between lenders’ objectives and borrowers’ commercial needs. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge in drafting and finalising various commercial and security documentation that include trade line facilities, revolving credit facilities, assignment of contract proceeds for purposes of bridging loan, project financing, working capital, acquisition financing, refinancing etc.

We are also knowledgeable and experienced in Islamic financial services, whether debt or equity financing, such as Bai’ Bithaman Ajil financing facility, Istisna’ project financing, Ijarah Al-Muntahiyah Bit Tamlik, Musyarakah and Mudharabah, both for direct financing and private debt securities. Our capabilities are not limited to legal and advisory services but we have also significant expertise in the development Islamic products and practices for numerous banks and financial organizations. We are also competent in the areas of venture capital and private equity funding structured on the basis of Musyarakah and Mudharabah.

We are in the panels of most of the financial institutions in Malaysia.

Building Contract & Construction

The Firm provides services to contract and construction management consultants, contractors, developers and engineering firms/companies in the preparation and finalisation of contract document such as design and build/turnkey arrangement, building contract, technical assistance agreement, joint venture agreement, franchise agreement, contract for service agreement, non-disclosure agreement, partnership agreement, share sale agreement, shareholders agreement etc. The Firm has the experience in acting as counsel and/or co-counsel with consultants representing contractors, developers and engineering firms and companies in arbitration proceedings. The firm also undertakes assignment relating to appraisal of engineering or building contracts in collaboration with contract management consultant firms.

Corporate & Commercial

We provide a range of corporate and commercial services in the various aspects of law. We pride ourselves in our in-depth understanding of the markets and industries in which our clients are involved. We render legal advice and prepare legal documentation in relation to, among others, the following:

  • formation and structuring of corporate entities
  • the sale and purchase of shares and other securities, the acquisition of businesses and undertakings of companies
  • the formation of joint ventures, partnership agreement, shareholders’ agreements and memoranda of understanding
  • licensing agreements, management agreements, services agreement and consultancy agreements
  • due diligence exercises and issues and responsibilities relating thereto (for acquisition, compliance or transactional purposes)
  • preparation of applications to governmental and quasi-governmental authorities for licences or approvals


We have been assisting client through advice on criminal procedure as well as representation for clients who have been accused for criminal misconduct from lower courts to appellate particularly in respect of the following matters

  • assault and battery
  • bribery and corruption
  • cheating
  • criminal breach of trust
  • commercial Crime
  • drug possession or trafficking
  • forgery / fraud
  • handling stolen property
  • kidnapping
  • offences under the Road Transport Act
  • offences pertaining to illegal travel documents / immigration laws under the Immigration Act
  • rape
  • theft

Dispute Resolution

Our team of lawyers adopts the most effective and commercially viable dispute resolution option for all our clients to assist them in resolving their civil or commercial disputes whether through litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Banking Litigation
Our banking litigation team is equipped with a wealth of experience in handling banking litigation which include by not limited to debt recovery, bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings and execution/enforcement proceeding, whether contested or non contested. We are skilled in handling the entire legal process from issuing letters of demand to conducting full trials in the subordinate and high courts as well as the appellate court. Our litigation team covers all aspects of banking and customer relationship ranging from routine recovery and foreclosure proceedings to confidentiality and negligence.

Civil and General Litigation
We handle disputes including a wide spectrum of civil litigation such as breach of contracts, goods sold and delivered claims, negligence, personal injury matters, insurance dispute, and matters relating to imposition and collection of levy. Our civil and general litigation practice also covers securing judgment, obtaining declaration, seeking injunctions, prohibitory orders and other legal and equitable relief from the court.

Commercial Dispute
We handle the entire spectrum of commercial disputes including disputes involving sale of goods, supply contracts, outsourcing disputes, performance bonds, bank guarantees, letters of credit and many more.

Corporate Litigation
We represent clients in various corporate disputes including shareholder disputes, minority oppression and statutory derivative actions, litigation arising out of corporate transactions, disputes arising from takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, civil enforcement by governmental agencies and regulatory bodies against corporations, as well as capital reductions and other applications under the Companies Act, 2016 and securities legislations.

Compulsory Land Acquisition and Land Disputes
Our practice covers all aspects of compulsory land acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act, 1960, land matters under the National Land Code, other land related legislations and regulations. We represent individuals and corporate landowners as well as intended beneficiaries of compulsory land acquisitions. We appear regularly before the Land Administrators for statutory inquiries under the said Act. We conduct land reference trials and hearings before the High Court and the court appointed assessors. Aside from the proceedings under the said Act, we do undertake applications on behalf of affected landowners and interested parties to set aside and to review the decision of the Land Administrators in respect of land acquisitions.

Insurance Law & Takaful
We have experience in all areas of contentious and non-contentious life insurance law/Home Takaful and general claims which include by not limited to property damage and loss claims, as well as non-motor claims. We are able to advise insurance associations and companies on the interpretation and construction of insurance policy wording as well as drafting new cutting edge policies and also advises on insurance regulatory requirements and compliance issues.

We covers compulsory and voluntary liquidation, private and court receivership, bankruptcy, schemes of arrangement and corporate debt restructuring both domestic and cross-border as well as the insolvency aspects of derivatives. We often work closely with our other practice groups in these areas so as to achieve a comprehensive solution.

Product Liability
We handle disputes involving manufacturers, distributors and others involved in the distribution system, as well as claims involving automobiles, food products, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Public Law
Our public law practice covers all forms of administrative and constitutional law related litigation, including judicial review proceedings, town and country planning and constitutional issues as well as appearing before statutory tribunals and commissions.

Real Estate Litigation
We handle real estate disputes involving including those related to contracts of sale, leases, tenancies and charges or mortgages. Besides private contract, we also handle public law disputes including land acquisition and appearances before land tribunals on cases involving rating, rights of way and town planning. Property disputes ranges from boundary disputes, nuisance and trespass to the collapse of buildings, related fraud, negligence and breach of contract. We were also specialize in handling and giving advice in rights, dispute, obligations between buyer and developer, as well as professional duties and obligation of engineer, architect and auditor as stipulated in Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act 1966 and its regulations.

Employment and Labour

Legal Representation
With experience in acting for employers and also employees, our team conducts hearings at various levels of the Malaysian judiciary – from defending our clients against action taken by disgruntled former employees who have been dismissed to also representing employees at the Labour Court for claim against employers for breach of contractual/statutory duty. We provide guidance to employers as to the appropriate steps to be taken before and during the disciplining of an employee, be it for misconduct or unsatisfactory performance. In some situations, the employer is unsure if the action taken is excessive or insufficient; we can provide guidance on the various options available and advise on the ensuing consequences. In the event the employer chooses to dismiss the employee and the employee thereafter files a claim for unjust dismissal, we will be able to guide the employer from the reconciliation stage to the conclusion of proceedings at the Industrial Court, as well as at the appellate stage.

Collective Bargaining
We have also assisted in the drafting and vetting of various employment-related agreements taking into account, inter alia, relevant statutory provisions. We ensure that these agreements are tailor-made to the individual client’s unique and specific needs. We also advise corporations on the creation and the implementation of human resources policies.

Family and Matrimony

We are committed to providing legal advice that is aimed towards practical solution whilst retaining personal sensitivity towards delicate circumstances. Our lawyers attribute primacy to resolving disputes by mediation without having to litigate. However, should litigation be required, clients will benefit from our litigation experience, ensuring that their needs are effectively advocated. The following are amongst the areas of our family law practice:

  • Annulment proceedings
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child support and/or custody
  • Property division
  • Adoption
  • Settlement and pre-marital agreements

Intellectual Property

We are able to advise clients on a range of IP issues, from registration of intellectual properties and litigation to commercialization of IP assets. We also assist our clients in other areas connected to IP, such as, but not limited to, strategizing, advisories, licensing, advertising, consumer protection, internet and domain name protection, multimedia, entertainment, media and information technology.

Registration of IPs
Our People are registered Trade Mark, Industrial Design and/or Patent Agent(s) with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO). We have been assisting various industries in respect of the protection of their IPs including trade mark, patents, industrial design and copyright.

Trade Marks
We assist various clients in the development, branding and management of their trade mark portfolios. We have comprehensive trade mark services which include trade mark availability searches, trade mark pre-registration advice, trade mark renewals, advice on potential trade mark infringement and/or passing off, filing and prosecution of trade marks in Malaysia and worldwide, trade mark expungement proceedings, advising and drafting agreements on acquisitions, transfer and licensing of trade marks, recordation of assignments and registered users of trade marks.

We are experienced in protection and commercialisation advisory of copyrightable content. Our practice encompasses the vetting and drafting of copyright related agreements for the media, publishing and fashion retail industries for various transactions including distribution and book publishing.

We offer our clients various services required in the securing and enforcement of patent protection for their inventions and innovations, and in some cases. Our services, among others include patent searches, litigation, drafting, renewals, prosecution and registration as well as drafting patent related agreements.

Audit and Due Diligence
We have assisted clients with the process of identifying IP assets by way of audit/due diligence in respect of acquisition/sale/expansion/listing and/or various investment exercises. In addition, we have also assisted with the re-structuring of clients’ commercialisation and enforcement strategy for effective IP exploitation in their respective industries

Advisory and Structuring
In our efforts to assist with innovative products and services, we have assisted our clients towards the initial strategizing and structuring of their product development (R&D), managing of relationships between stakeholders, collaborations either towards diversification of products/business, commercialisation, expansion and/or merging areas of business.

IP Commercialisation
Our strength in assisting with commercialisation of IPs including through licensing, sales, merger and/or acquisition. Our experience includes cross border acquisitions from R&D until commercialisation.

Franchising and Licensing
Our experience includes registration of franchises and preparation of franchise documentation. In addition, we have also advised clients in respect of licensing of business and/or technologies.

Information Technology
Our lawyers have experience in providing legal advice and services for major local IT Companies in the development, customisation, migration, license and utilisation of technologies.

We can ensure that any and all new technological assets can be commercialised and licenced securely.

Personal Data Protection
We assist clients in understanding the principles of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and to raise awareness of the implications of the PDPA. Our PDPA Services include (i) audit of current structure, policies and strategies adopted (ii) registration as data user, (iii) review of current policies, (iv) drafting/review of PDPA notices to employees and third parties, (v) drafting/review/amendment of template documents affected with PDPA, (vi) drafting/review/amendment of manual, guidelines and/or policies and (vii) conduct compliance awareness training.

IP Valuation
Ms Munirah Maarof, the Partner in Charge for IP and IT practice is a Certified IP Valuer and through strategic collaborations with other valuers, undertakes IP valuation for various industries.

Real Estate

The real property transaction currently undertaken by us includes wide spectrum of both advanced and general work. Our lawyers are well positioned to assist in all aspect of property transaction, be it industrial parks, commercial or residential developments or property holding company. We represent vendors, purchasers, landlords, tenants, property developers, contractors and financiers in various real estate related matters. This may range from sale and purchase agreement, tenancy agreement, lease agreement, deed of covenants, easements, memorandum of understanding, joint venture agreement as well as property management agreement. We also advise on the preparation of documents and applications in respect of government approval and licences for foreign acquisition of real property related assets and interest in Malaysia. We have provided drafting and advisory services to several major housing developers. Due to the Firm’s vast experience in real estate, we are appointed as the panel of these developer’s projects as the solicitors entrusted for the preparation, execution and completion of the sale and purchase agreement involving mixed commercial and residential properties.

Will, Probate & Estates

We deal with all matters related to the administration and distribution of estates of deceased persons. This includes preparing petitions to the High Court for the issuance of grants of probate or letters of administration and providing assistance in obtaining administration in respect of small estates. These services extend to rendering advice to executors and administrators of estates in relation to their duties in law and implementing the transmission and transfer of the property of the deceased to beneficiaries. We also offer wills writing and custody services to our ever expanding clientele.


Company Secretarial Services
We offer comprehensive legal advice and services pertaining to the formation and administration of companies and business entities, and their legal compliance. These include drafting and review of memorandum and articles of association, preparation of incorporation and registration forms, liaising with the authorities, conducting company searches at the Companies Commission of Malaysia and applications for reservation of names, and other recurrent processes of maintenance of statutory records, filing of statutory forms, preparation of notices for convening meetings, minutes of meetings and resolutions, attendance at board and general meetings and general advisory on compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines of supervisory bodies. Our partner also acts as liquidator for companies undergoing member’s voluntary winding-up exercise and secretary for private limited companies.

Consultancy & Legal Drafting
The Firm provides consultancy and drafting services for privatisation and corporatisation exercises. We are able to advise business entities including companies and statutory bodies on the implication and validity of the provisions of Acts of Parliament and any subsidiary legislation made thereunder especially which regulates them. This includes matters relating to corporate and commercial, regulatory compliance, competition law, personal data protection, energy (including alternative energy such as biofuel), trademarks, patents & intellectual property, corporate finance, construction & engineering, privatisation, banking (including Islamic), insurance, property and conveyancing and foreign investment.

Foreign IP Registration
Through our strategic collaborations, we are able to assist with registration of IPs in countries abroad particularly in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei.

Web development
In our efforts to progress and offer value-added services, we have entered into collaborations with skilled professionals who are able to create effective websites for our valued clients.

Through our close collaboration with the creative industry, we have tied a collaboration with reputable branding organization, to offer our clients branding services to help enhance and strengthen their positioning through creation of a great brand. Through our collaborating partners, clients also have access to support with branding consultancy as well as content creation for digital marketing.